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The Ancient Theater of Delphi

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The Ancient Theater of Delphi

The Ancient Theater of Delphi was constructed during the 4th century by local limestone.

It is located within the Temple of Apollo but it’s found further higher on the northwest side of the hill. This amphitheatre is divided in 2 uneven zones. The upper zone has 8 rows of seats and 6 radial scales and the lower zone has 27 rows of seats and 7 radial scales. The capacity of the Theater of Delphi responded to 5000 spectators who could enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the site and mount Parnassus.

Even though the theatre went through many reformations, it has kept the basic elements including the stage, the orchestra and the stone seats. The Theater of Apollo hosted celebrations to honour the Pythian Games, like musical and instrumental games as well as other spiritual and artistic celebrations and ceremonies. Today, the theatre is still used for cultural purposes and events mostly during the summer.