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The Archaeological Museum of Delphi

The Archaeological Museum of Delphi was founded in 1903 and it hosts the findings of the excavations on the Delphi site. Its collections consist of some of the most important examples of ancient Greek art and the most significant discoveries of the Delphi site.

The exhibits are dated from the 2nd millennium BC up to late antiquity and are arranged in 14 rooms and two different levels in the museum. They are presented in chronological order in order for the visitor to get a better understanding of the vast history of the Delphi site.

Some of the most significant artefacts found in the Museum of Delphi are the Treasury of the Sicyonians, the Sphinx of Naxos, the facades and sculptures from the Temple of Apollo, the statue of Agias of Pharsala and of course the Charioteer of Delphi.