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The stoa of the Athenians

The stoa of the Athenians in Delphi is one of the most important offerings of the ancient city-state of Athens to the site and it’s located in the centre of the Sanctuary of Apollo. The structure was built during the 5th century BC and its north wall is built against the polygonal wall that supports the terrace of the Temple of Apollo.

The Stoa of the Athenians is built of Pentelic marble  in the Ionic architectural style and housed the trophies and offerings of the Athenians after their naval victories against the Persians.

The inscription on the stylobate of this structure that explained by whom and for what this building was erected made its identification easier for archaeologists. The seven Ionic and marble columns used to support a wooden, shedded roof. Today, three nearly complete of these columns as well as the fragment of a fourth are still visible in the modern archaeological site.