Delphi Day Trip from Athens

Discover Ancient Delphi: A Day Trip from Athens

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“Experience the magic of Delphi on a day trip from Athens and marvel at the remnants of ancient Greece.

Our guided tour takes you through the sacred ruins of Delphi, home to the revered Oracle of Apollo, where you’ll feel a sense of awe and wonder at every turn.

Explore the intricately designed Temple of Apollo, the grandeur of the Theatre, and the vastness of the Stadium with our knowledgeable guide leading the way. With breathtaking views of Mount Parnassus and a tranquil atmosphere, Delphi is a must-see destination for any lover of history and culture.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable Delphi day trip from Athens.”

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Delphi Day Trip from Athens

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Join our tour and discover one of the most important sites of the Ancient Greek civilization. Explore the sacred land and the significant monuments of Delphi and get the chance to discover beautiful locations outside Athens.

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The highlights of the archaeological site

Delphi Day trip from Athens -the best way to discover the most significant monuments and the Delphi museum

The Treasuries

The treasury of the Athenians was constructed between the 6th and 45th century BC in order to house the Athenian votive offerings and dedications to the sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi.

Tholos of Athena Pronaia

The Tholos of Athina Pronaia is one of the most distinguishing monuments in Delphi and the most characteristic feature of the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia on which it was built.

The Ancient Theater of Delphi

The Theater of Apollo hosted celebrations to honour the Pythian Games, like musical and instrumental games as well as other spiritual and artistic celebrations and ceremonies.

The stoa of the Athenians

The stoa of the Athenians in Delphi is one of the most important offerings of the ancient city-state of Athens to the site and it’s located in the centre of the Sanctuary of Apollo.

The Sacred Way

The Stadium of Delphi hosted various sport competitions and music festivals with the most important being the Pythian and Panhellenic Games.

The Archaeological Museum of Delphi

The Archaeological Museum of Delphi was founded in 1903 and it hosts the findings of the excavations on the Delphi site.